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Loxley branding update announcement

4 Feb 2018

Exciting moment!  This month, after twenty four years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, slogan, strapline, and the refined mission statement that states who we are.   Our new look will be coming out over the coming months on printed literature including our new catalogue, on social media and on many of our products.

We believe the new look reflects the Loxley experience that we’ve been building since 1994; meaningful products and services that support creativity, give greater opportunity and fulfillment, and celebrates the Artists’ Life.

Ready to see it?  Then scroll down...

As well as our full logo you will see our simplified logo embossed on our easels and canvases later this year;



Loxley is a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfill and live their dream.


Our Roots and Background;


The first step of our refining was taken by our founder in identifying his inner, deep core values and how these have guided the Loxley brand.  For what purpose is Loxley here?  Why have we resonated with so many wonderful artists?

After much soul-searching, meditation and passionate discussion, we drilled down into Loxley’s deepest values and history in order to articulate our mission and clarify our future vision.


Our roots go back to an area of Sheffield named Loxley where we started, which is renowned for its heritage and the birth of many a legend.


The new Loxley logo created.

 We set out our design brief to better communicate our core values to the users we serve, and worked closely with a team of experts to create something that worked.


As well as sharing the same birthplace, it dawned on us that Robin of Loxley actually developed similar qualities that have laid in our foundation since we started. Robin’s relentless passion for what was just, his unwavering talent, along with his loyalty to his community, produced one of the safest areas of England where the people flourished and the finest craftsmen and bowmen developed their skills and artistry.


The original sketch of Robert de Loxley -

better known as Robin Hood -

that became the inspiration for the logo.

We added the Robin Hood character placed centrally to add personality to the brand. Here Robin is crouched in all his strength and expertise ready to shoot an arrow - or is that a paint brush?!  The feather in his quiver is a symbolic connection with our previous logo.


For the lettering we have used a modern font to communicate the fact that we are moving with the demands and needs of the current day. We have added a dot under the ‘O’ so that the brand is easily recognised as well as provoking the imagination and a feeling of mystery.


We have always been an English brand and wherever we roam, this will always be true.


The final touch was to add our motto in three words of Latin (an old English tradition) which reminds us why we serve and what our mission is.  The words defensorem artis pictorem translate to "defender of art and painter" - and sums up what Loxley Arts are about.


We also have a new Strap-line which you will see used as a celebration of all things Art:



“An Artists Life”™


Says it all!



Loxley Core Values


So what was the result of our Values Exercise?


Goodness – The quality of doing what’s just and morally acceptable is the cornerstone of trust.

Humility – We humbly seek to develop an understanding  of the needs of our customers, and products and services to meet these.

Profitability – We are committed to thoughtful planning and responsive management in all sectors of the company to ensure sustainability.

Meaningful Engagement – We are committed to the betterment and development of the people and communities we work among.


You've read this far, and we'd love to engage with you!  We can't wait to see what opportunities there are for helping you fulfill and live your artistic dreams.  Please get in touch or connect on social media and start a collaboration with Loxley today.


What do these values mean to you?  It's been a deeply thought provoking experience settling on our four most important values.   Have you tried this?  If you could choose only four core values to live by, what would they be?


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If you don’t – then please forgive us!