The main difference between the ranges is that the Cotton duck for the Gold has slightly heavier weave and we also give it an extra coat of primer.


You can see in the picture above how the Gold Chunky range has a different stretching method to the Ashgate.  This, along with the priming, gives it a unique 'feel' which is well loved by many painters.



Specially primed for both Oil and Acrylic, expertly hand stretched and neatly finished, Loxley Artists Canvases are a work of Art in themselves.


This is probably the largest range of pre-stretched artist canvas in the UK,

from miniature to 6 x 4 foot.  There are two main ranges; Loxley Ashgate and Loxley Gold.  Both are made in the traditional depth  and the modern Chunky depth format.







Loxley Canvas via mail order/online

The Canvas Surface

The Stretcher Frame

Loxley Canvas; the Surface

Loxley Gold Artists canvases are known  for their high quality and finish. The priming formula, developed by Loxley, provides the correct surface for holding the paint whilst preventing the colour from sinking into the cotton.


Each canvas is hand-stretched over specially profiled wooden stretcher bars and stapled on the reverse, leaving the sides 'clean'.  This, along with the carefully tailored corners, allows the finished painting to be hung either unframed or framed as you wish.


The ASHGATE range, available in Standard depth and 36mm depth, is made from triple coated cotton (Size + two layers of primer) whilst the GOLD range has a closer weave and an extra coat of primer.   Like the Ashgate, the Gold is available in the traditional 17mm depth and the Chunky 36mm depth

Both Ashgate and Gold canvases are used by professional artists, depending on their preference of surface.

Loxley Canvas; the Stretching

The mitred corners are made with a free floating tongue and groove so that the canvas can be re-tensioned if needed using the supplied wedges.

 There are a vast range of sizes available across the Loxley Gold Standard/Traditional 16mm depth and in the deep edge Chunky (36mm depth).  The larger of the canvases have cross bars to add strength and stability to the frame.


Each canvas is presented in a sealed poly wrapper and has the Loxley logo embossed discreetly on the back of the stretcher frame.

Latest Quality Improvements:

During 2016, after months of testing and research, we started using Pinewood for all our stretcher bars.  This timber is slightly heavier than that used previously but it was felt that the extra strength compensated for this.  Due to stock in the supply chain, you may receive the canvases made from lighter-weight wood now and again for the foreseeable future.  If you would like further information please contact us.

Stretched Canvas tips and advice

How do I use the corner wedges that come with my Loxley canvas?


Loxley stretched canvases come supplied with wooden wedges where relevant.   As Loxley canvases are carefully stretched by hand, the tension is sufficient to hold the surface flat without any sagging.  However, after some time the canvas may need re-tensioning to restore it's original tautness.


If your canvas has small areas which are 'dented' this is most likely due to something leaning against it during storage.  The procedure for removing the dents in stretched canvas is different to re-tightening a generally lose or sagging canvas.


It is recommended that you insert the wedges by hand before they're needed (in other words before losing them!), the width of the wood will allow them to grip in place without being knocked in.




Two wedges go into each corner, with the long side of the wedges running flush to the inner edge of the stretcher bar (see picture).

Some people recommend a different way to use the corner wedges.  However the instructions below keep the gap width more consistent, and therefore the squareness of the corner is retained:

3 & 4)  If necessary, repeat the above process on the remaining two stretcher bars.

Have questions or helpful tips to suggest?  We'd love to hear from you!