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From the outset Loxley had goodness and quality at the core of its foundation, a strength instilled with innovation and an attitude to overcome obstacles, that has formed the brand as it is today. As needs and Society change so do our products and services, continuously striving to improve every aspect of the Loxley experience.

From our materials to our support services to artists and art lovers, everything Loxley does is for the promotion and enjoyment of art. We at Loxley are truly grateful for the many artists who have brought our materials to life, using their talent to produce thousands of treasured paintings and works of art for the enrichment of countless art lovers.


Pollyanna Pickering
(1942 - 2018)

At Loxley we feel saddened at the sudden loss, but honoured to have had the support, advice and friendship of Pollyanna Pickering, the internationally renowned “Painter of the Living World”. Pollyanna travelled extensively for her wildlife painting and conservation work, visiting every continent in the world to study her subjects in their natural habitat. Her works have found their way into thousands of homes through her TV appearances, conservation talks and artwork licensing, the latter often being in support of causes close to her heart. She used her artistic ability towards ending the endangerment and suffering of animals and to engage with audiences across the globe about these topics. The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation, founded in 2001, continues her legacy, raising funds and awareness for wildlife conservation projects the world over.​​

The Artists Palette, Thirsk, North Yorkshire​

Artist and retailer Wendy Gibson-Brown leads a busy life serving the creative community in and around her home town of Thirsk. She is a constant inspiration to her community with a wealth of experience to pass on being an experienced artist herself. She sold her first painting in 1976 and has donated a number of works of art to the Injured Jockey fund for their annual auctions. She has worked with Loxley materials for a number of years. ‘’I’ve been using Loxley Gold canvas for over ten years, they are sized and then triple primed, no one else does that, the corners of the canvas are beautifully finished and they are always stretched drum tight. The best canvas I’ve ever used and believe me I’ve used a lot of canvas! I can’t praise them enough!’’​

Loxley Director Matt Smith at Bluebell Wood​

The Loxley Charity Art Auction was organised to raise funds and awareness for the local charity Bluebellwood Children’s Hospice whilst promoting artists and their original paintings as part of our POP programme. The charity has an essential part to play in the region’s care for children with life shortening illnesses, and support for their parents and siblings too. We’re pleased to include many artists from well-established names such as Horace Panter, to up and coming artists representing a wide variety of genres. The Nov ’18 event, opened by local artist Joe Scarborough whose iconic paintings capture the essence of Sheffield life. Joe prefers Loxley Gold canvas for his paintings “Loxley’s canvases are always drum tight”. His detailed, colourful style needs the correct texture and quality priming to capture each brush stroke as he intends it and we take great satisfaction in our canvases becoming much loved collector’s pieces under his hand.​

What We Do

From the moment the first canvas was produced by Loxley, the human touch has been key along with our deep respect for traditional craftsmanship as used by the Masters. All our high-quality painting surfaces are hand made using carefully chosen, ethically sourced materials which is manifest in unrivalled quality and value.

Art is intensely personal and that is why we offer so many different painting surfaces, easel designs, tools and sundries, giving the widest viable range of sizes and finishes. The iconic Loxley® Gold canvas was the first triple primed surface of its type. The company also pioneered the deep Chunky™ canvas and the clean edge, wrap around canvas. In consultation with artists using palette knives to apply the paint, Loxley developed curved-edge cross bars to prevent the old problem of unwanted ‘paint rub-lines’ appearing in the finished picture.

Our motto in three words of Latin (an old English tradition) which reminds us why we serve and what our mission is. The words defensorem artis pictorem translate to “defender of art and painter” – which quite simply is all part of the Loxley heritage and DNA. “An Artists Life”™ Our strapline which has become a celebration of all things art.

Loxley Arts are located in the heart of England on the outskirts of Sheffield in south Yorkshire. 

Our roots go back to a valley in Sheffield named Loxley near where we started, the area is renowned for its heritage and the birth of many a legend. 

 Due to our growth, we now occupy units at Orgreave, near Handsworth, Sheffield S13 where our offices, warehouse and factory-shop is based.

Our Mission Statement

We are a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfil and live their dream.

Our Core Values

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