Loxley's Best Brush Washers

It is important that you take proper care of your paintbrushes, so by cleaning them thoroughly after each use can increase longevity and save you money.  This is why Our Loxley Brush washers are quality yet affordable to save you time and money in the long term. 

Loxley Foldable Water Pot

The Loxley Foldable Water Pot expands quickly for use and collapses for transport and storage. The pot is made from nontoxic rubber, heavy-duty silicone and plastic, making it durable and reusable. It’s not suitable for use with solvents. The unique wavy edges prevent your paintbrush from rolling off/around the pot and a ribbed base which can be used for scrubbing. 

Size – diameter at top 94 mm, diameter at base 68 mm Height open 78 mm. height folded down 32mm.

Brush washer

This robust brush washing container comes with a paint palette/airtight storage built into the lid. The base which can hold more than 3 cups of water, has two compartments. One, which is the smaller section has an angled central wall which enables you to rest your brushes for soaking. The other, which is the larger section has graduated ridges along the base that is designed for working paint residue out of the bristles. Holes moulded into the sides allow for various sized brushes to be hung for drip drying and storage.

Size – 228 x 138 x 110 mm

Brush Washer

This Loxley Brush Washer has a lid that can be turned over to be used as a mixing palette and a carrying handle. Inside the washer, there are two main compartments, one with a ribbed base to agitate the brushes against and the other with V grooves to squeeze the water out of the brushes. Around the top rim are a number of different size holes in which to stand your brushes whilst thy dry. 

Size – 160 x 160 x 82 mm

Rinse Well

The Rinse Well from Masterson will transform your painting time, especially if you are a distance from a sink! Much more stable and easier to use than multiple jam jars, the Rinsewell allows you to simply flush out the cleaning well with fresh water as you work. Depressing the button drains the dirty water into the waste tank and fresh water flows down from the reservoir bottle. Moulded ridges gently massage the bristles to aid thorough cleaning. This highly-reviewed and established product has become a firm favourite with many artists.

Size – 178 x 175 mm



Metal Brush Washer

The Loxley Metal Brush Washer is made from lightweight, solvent and rust resistant aluminium. This brush washer has a handle that can suspend many brush sizes to soak or drip dry. The mesh in the base facilitates brush cleaning and prevents sediment being stirred up. Easily takes apart for cleaning.

Size – 180 x 120 x 50 mm

Stainless Steel Brush Washer

The Loxley steel Brush Washer is designed for use with all types of brush cleaners including solvents. At the base of the brush washer is a deep sieve which can be used to agitate brushes against whilst cleaning and also prevents the brushes from resting in the sediment. The tight-sealing lid has a rubber gasket and two clip fasteners that prevents fumes and spillages when not in use. The handle can be used to hang as well as for carrying it, which makes traveling easier. 

85 H x 70 mm Dia.
145 H x 140 mm Dia.

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