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About Arwyn Quick

After leaving Chesterfield School, Arwyn attended Newland Park College of Education, where he was taught by the late Peter Wilcockson RCA. He then went on to a successful career in teaching for 35 years, specialising in art.

Early retirement allowed him to concentrate on painting for his own enjoyment, but it wasn’t long before collectors began falling in love with his style, such that his work has been shown in over forty galleries and venues and is held in several overseas collections.

Arwyn has a passion for the colour, form and spaciousness evoked by the Derbyshire Peak District national park. Using mainly acrylics, he employs the power of colour to reinforce the immediacy of those first impressions which hold our gaze.

By accentuating form - particularly those elements caught in a play of light - he seeks to recreate the scene with a heightened sense of depth.

Gradually, he has allowed the colour and forms to evolve as a means of portraying the raw forces behind the scene.

As well as being derived from nature, some of his more recent pieces are now completely abstract or purely geometric in character.

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