What Makes Oriental Painting Unique?

Chinese painting is more focused on water based techniques, rather than oils or acrylics. It is traditionally more stylized, more abstract and less realistic than Western art. The main aim of the traditional Chinese Painter is to not only capture the outer appearance of a subject but its energy, spirit and life force. 

This traditional Chinese rice paper is a great surface to paint and draw on and can also be used for calligraphy.

This oriental brush handing display is intricately hand carved and requires assembling as it comes flat packed. There are twelve pegs on which to hand oriental brushes. 385 mm x 340 mm

A traditional oriental painting set presented in a silk covered box with lid and clasp fasteners. The set contains fives brushes, black ink stick, craved slate well, water pot, brush rest, stamp, and red ink bowl. 210 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm

A concertina fan made from bamboo and card which is supplied plain and suitable for decorating with Chinese painting or calligraphy. 230 mm

A traditional, oriental brush rest which holds up to two brushes. 65mm long x 40 mm high.

A quality slate ink stone carved with a deep circular well for ink and featuring a unique hole to remove excess colour from brushes which comes complete with slate lid. 90 mm x 90 mm x 25 mm

A set of oriental water-soluble ink sticks in a presentation box, the set contains a Red, Yellow, Blue, Green & White stick. 77 mm

A quality solid black water-soluble ink stick in a presentation box. 98 mm

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