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The Loxley Chelsea Wooden Artwork Display Exhibitor is often referred to as a Print Rack or Print Display Rack. It is designed to display and store artwork and is made of high quality beech wood and is finished to a high standard. This print rack folds for transportation making it ideal for art fairs so that artwork can be displayed and easily browsed through by potential buyers without getting damaged. In the studio the print rack can be used for storing art pieces either finished or work in progress or for storing inspiration and sketches for future work. The measurements of the print rack when assembled are approximately 740mm in height x 560mm in length x 430mm in width, and when folded for storage it measures 845mm in height, 560mm in length and 110mm in width.

he Loxley Anne metal Artwork Exhibitor or print rack as it sometimes known is made from strong lightweight steel that is gloss white coated. It is designed for displaying and storing artwork either at exhibitions or in the studio and it has caster wheels making it easy to move around. This exhibitor does not fold and is not made for regular dismantling and assembling. The measurements of the print rack when assembled are approximately 640mm in height x 555mm in length x 420mm in width, and when unassembled it measures 640 x 480 x 90mm.

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