For Artists

The Promotion of Original Paintings programme (POP)

In late 2018 Loxley launched an ongoing campaign to promote Original Art known as the Promotion of Original Paintings (POP). The Goals for the programme are:

  • * To increase appreciation for, ownership of, and access to Original Art.
  • * To increase the reward, intrinsically and extrinsically, that Artists receive, by increasing the demand for Original Art.
  • * To increase the benefit, intrinsically and extrinsically, that collectors and investors in Original Art enjoy.
  • * To enlighten the public as to the skills, efforts, thought, creativity and materials that go into creating unique and original pieces of art.

We are looking for professional artists to partner with us on this programme (POP Partners), who produce work to a good standard and who rely on producing artwork for their income, or desire to do so.

For Artists

What Loxley offer artists who partner on the promotion of Original Art programme (POP):

  • 1. A supported marketing & selling platform for their paintings
  • 2. Surprise art material gifts, to encourage experimentation, development & practice
  • 3. Publicity on social and national media
  • 4. Coupons (“Loxley Coin”) to gain money-off our artists services and artist material
  • 5. Loan of an Easel (off-shore UK and other countries may entail a delivery cost)

Loxley Coin

This is a point scheme which can be used to purchase a wide range of Artist’s products and services on this site, including social media promotion, coaching, photo editing, storage and delivery services. POP Partners earn this through purchasing their material via this site, for their involvement with the Program and can also win it through competitions, prize draws etc.

The Promotion of Original Paintings (POP) program is a supportive addition to an artist’s career and does not prohibit them promoting and selling artwork themselves or through other channels.

What we need from the artist who partners with POP:

  • 1. A commitment to add new original paintings to the Gallery from time to time.
  • 2. To advertise their paintings at prices based on their realistic value.  Max advertised price variation between outlets is 10%
  • 3. If a painting sells through another channel, to mark it as "sold" on this site to avoid client disappointment.  This can be done online or by email to your Loxley contact.  

Artist’s contribution to the Promotion of Original Paintings (POP) depends on their choice of level. These steps are intended to meet each Partner’s current situation and there are currently 3 levels to choose from.  You can change levels or cancel your Membership at any time, subject to 2 weeks notice. 

Benefit Bronze Silver Gold
Loxley Coin earnt per month  - £4 £10
Free Art Material/Items every 12 weeks 8 weeks 4 weeks
Easel loaned - Table Field Studio
Sale price of paintings received 50% 60% 70%
Social Media & Marketing Profile & Selling platform Bronze +Social media post Silver +Promoted Post
Monthly Investment £12 £24 £60

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Artists' Services

As part of “helping Artists to fulfil and live their dream” we are always looking at ways we can support our artists and make their time more rewarding and enjoyable. We're bringing together qualified experts from different professions to provide a portfolio of services and advice to meet the needs and challenges that might arise throughout a creative career.

Online training

Gain tips, insights and inspiration from our 3rd party coaches, each one selected for their experience and skillset to fast-track you over your current obstacle.  From webinars, small group coaching and even one-to-one, explore our current offerings or contact us to arrange a no-obligation package, tailor-made to your exact needs.

Breakthrough Course

A brand new online program uncovering our human potential and exploring creativity in art, business and life.

Are you a creative feeling stuck, struggling to find the resources to ‘get going’ with your artistic dreams, or having unhelpful thoughts or feelings?  You have the technical skills and knowledge (but maybe don’t fully believe this); just something inside you needs its breakthrough.

On this course we will uncover the truth about how the mind works and in doing so you will find yourself more in touch with your innate creativity and your ability to succeed.  This is an opportunity to begin to see more clearly any blocks that you may have and it will give you an understanding that will break through them and allow you to live life to the full.  You will see that you have an infinite power inside of you that when understood lights the fire of creativity within.

Legal Issues & Fraud Alerts for Artists

For any self-employed individual it can feel very lonely at times with no one to turn to when faced with legal or business decisions.  In addition, whilst straining to grow their network and public profile, all too often Artists are singled out by fraudsters or 'sharks' and at risk of being bullied or tricked into losing money. 

If you ever feel unsure about a deal, or want to run a legal contract past us, we are here to provide you with safe space to talk it over and we may also be able to offer you information and research to enable your decision.  Reach out to us anytime using the "Get in Touch" button below, we look forward to being of service.

Mission Statement

Loxley is a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfil and live their dream.

Ethos & Company Values

  • Goodness – The quality of doing what’s just and morally acceptable is the cornerstone of trust.

  • Humility – We humbly seek to develop an understanding of the needs of our customers, and products and services to meet these.

  • Profitability – We are committed to thoughtful planning and responsive management in all sectors of the company to ensure sustainability.

  • Meaningful Engagement – We are committed to the betterment and development of the people and communities we work among.