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A healthy, vibrant and responsive Art trade is our continually aim at Loxley.  Retail stockists are the vital cog in the personal service they provide to today's artists, in addition to nurturing and encouraging the Artists of tomorrow.   Being aware of the pace of change on the High Street, at Loxley we contribute by developing innovative products and services to specifically target current market needs, providing a fast and efficient delivery service, with realistic margins.

Rather than pushing more and more stock, our approach is to generate demand holistically by creating a pull-through effect and we are increasing our focus on the financial health of contemporary Artists. 

Loxley's Drop-ship service continues to be a market-leader in allowing retailers to offer professional and volume artists a fast delivery to their studio, at a competitive level of service and price.

For Trade

Why use Loxley Arts?

A business remaining in the same UK ownership and management since 1994, we understand the challenges and opportunities of independent and smaller chain retailers like no other Art material brand.

By offering your customers Loxley products, you can be assured of their repeat business and satisfaction.  Whilst stocked by the largest specialist art material retailers in the UK and well known by most leading Artists, the Loxley name has retained its niche availability and appeal. 

Our fast-selling, wide range, pricing structure and low carriage paid order value enables Art retailers to thrive, achieving improved cash-flow whilst strengthening their ability to respond to changing demands faster than larger competitors are able for.

Popular Products

Many factors can effect which of our products will sell well in your particular store, we are keen to help you maximise your return on space and investment.  We work closely with our Retailers to ensure they have a wide yet effective product range and are happy to share more detailed product popularity on your bespoke order form.  Below we feature some of our current top selling items: 

The Essex is an innovative and rather unique studio easel which has...
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Mission Statement

Loxley is a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfil and live their dream.

Ethos & Company Values

  • Goodness – The quality of doing what’s just and morally acceptable is the cornerstone of trust.

  • Humility – We humbly seek to develop an understanding of the needs of our customers, and products and services to meet these.

  • Profitability – We are committed to thoughtful planning and responsive management in all sectors of the company to ensure sustainability.

  • Meaningful Engagement – We are committed to the betterment and development of the people and communities we work among.