How to clean your paint brushes

It is important to clean your brushes, so they remain in good shape for longer. 

Once you have finished your painting, place the bristles between a paper towel/rag and squeeze out any excess paint. Then rinse your bristles with either Loxley White Spirit or Loxley Brush Cleaner (if you are using oils) or rinse with soap and water (if you are using water-based varnishes). For oils, you next rinse the brush under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Whereas, for acrylics soak the brush overnight in Loxley brush cleaner to remove any hard/dried bits of acrylic paint. Then rinse until the water comes clear. Once you are certain all the paint has been removed, make sure you shake the brush to remove the excess water. Then place the bristles between a paper towel/rag. Finally, let your brush dry in a safe place.

How to care for your brushes

It is extremely important to make sure you care for your paint brushes, so they last longer. 

To care for watercolour and acrylic brushes, it is vital that all the excess water is removed from the bristles and handle, as well as to reshape the brush head before you let it dry off. It is then important to store the brushes correctly. Make sure you place them in a pot with bristle facing upwards and only storing them once they are completely dry. 

For oil brushes, follow the same process that you do for watercolour and acrylic brushes. Make sure the brushes are completely clean and dry before you store them away. The ideal storage container is a box with a tight-fitting lid as it prevents moth damage. 

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