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Introducing our Loxley Sheffield Academy

About Our Loxley Academy

Our roots go back to an area of Sheffield named Loxley where we started, which is renowned for its heritage and the birth of many a legend. ⁠As well as sharing the same birthplace in Loxley, it dawned on us that Robin Hood actually developed similar qualities that have laid in our foundation since we started. Robin’s relentless passion for what was just, his unwavering talent, along with his loyalty to his community, which produced one of the safest areas of England where the people flourished and the finest craftsmen and bowmen developed their skills and artistry. 

Also, Sheffield as a city has a strong sense of community and is home to a large population of amateur, working and professional visual artists. 

From our materials to our support services to artists and art lovers, everything Loxley does is for the promotion and enjoyment of art. We at Loxley are truly grateful for the many artists who have brought our materials to life, using their talent to produce thousands of treasured paintings and works of art for the enrichment of countless art lovers.

Our Mission

We are a progressive organization, dedicated to helping artists fulfil and live their dream.

Our Vision

Explore, Experiment, Express

EXPLORE Loxley materials & artists 

EXPERIMENT with quality art materials and framing services

EXPRESS the artist within you

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After Photos

Introducing our Loxley Sheffield Academy

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