Canvas rolls are great for experienced painters who like to prepare and stretch their own canvas or if they would like to create a very large painting. They are available either in primed or unprimed and are made from either linen or cotton. 

Explore our new range of quality canvas rolls, that will enhance your painting experience and end result.

The Loxley Belgian Linen Roll is a high quality range of pure 100% Belgian Linen medium grain, available in different sizes either unprimed or universally primed.

The Loxley Gold canvas rolls are available unprimed or sized then triple primed with a universal primer. All the rolls are made from 100% cotton and there are 6 different choices in size and finish.

Loxley Canvas Roll - 100% Cotton

100% cotton canvas available either unprimed or universally primed for stretching your own canvases.

This unique painting surface is made from 100% linen which is sized then universally clear primed. The natural charm and character of the linen is visible as well as providing a non white base tone. Suitable for oil and acrylic paint as well as other media.

A special blend of 85% Linen and 15% cotton is used for this fine grain canvas which is available either unprimed or primed.

Loxley Canvas Rolls - NEW coming soon!

Loxley Mayfair Cotton Canvas Roll

The Mayfair 100% cotton canvas rolls are sized then universally primed four times by hand. This high quality canvas surface is available in fine grain, medium grain or large grain weave.

Loxley Mayfair Oil Primed Linen

The Mayfair Oil Primed Linen is a primium 100% linen which is sized then quadrupple oil primed. There are three different grades of weave, fine grain, medium grain and large grain.

Loxley Mayfair Acrylic Primed Linen

This premium 100% Mayfair linen range is sized then quadruple universally primed and available in three different weaves, Fine grain, medium grain and Large Grain.

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