The Beauty of a Red Palette

Red is a very dramatic colour, and is associated with courage, danger, passion, love and joy. 

Within the Loxley range of paints we have nine different reds. They are Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Medium, Red Madder, Rose Madder, Carmine Red, English Red, Indian Red, Flame Red and Bright Red. 

The beauty of a Red Palette

Cadmium Red Light & Cadmium Red Medium

Cadmium Red was first made available to artist in the 1830s. It was expensive during this period of time, but was valued for its opacity, permanence and mixing capabilities. These reds will add strength, boldness, brightness and passion to a piece of art.  It is a very dominant and dramatic colour, so it is important to use Cadmium Red carefully so the artwork or viewer is not overwhelmed by the amount of red. 

Rose Madder

Rose Madder goes back as far as 1500 BC, as it was first used as a dye for fabrics. It is distinctive rose coloured which is a modern, lightfast formulation of the traditional rose colour, allowing artists to experience similar properties. Rose Madder is an excellent watercolour pigment, and glazing. It is perfect for painting portraits, as it has a slight hint of brown in the pigment, making it less vivid then any of the pink Quinacridones. 

Indian Red

Indian Red is stems from one of the oldest pigments and was found in cave paintings going back as far as 40,000 years. It is a warm red, which can be used for landscapes and portraits making it an essential colour in the artist palette. The pigments opacity allows artists to paint a smooth, flat surface with little brushstrokes.  It is known to be a standard colour on an artists’ palette. 

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