Oil Pastels are made from a pigment and a binder of oil and wax. Unlike, the soft pastels, there is no synthetic gum used. Different brands of oil pastels will contain different quantities of ingredients. 

Soft pastels are made from white chalk, gum Arabic and pigment. Some professional brands of soft pastel are highly concentrated with pigment, their recipes are such, to contain as much high quality pigment powder as possible.

  • Binder is non-drying oil & wax
  • Oil based
  • Can be used on canvas, paper, wood, glass, board 
  • Never fully dries, but they do fix and harden 
  • Can use any artist turpentine, fingers, brushes or pastel blending tools to blend the pastel 
  • They have a wax-like texture
  • They are moist and tacky and have a creamy consistency
  • Binder is made from gum arabic which is a harden sap from two species of acacia tree
  • Water Soluble 
  • Can be used on paper and specially grounded surface
  • Do not adhere to the surface, allowing it to be brushed off 
  • Can use water to blend the pastel 
  • Dry, Fragile and Powdery Consistency, easily crumble 
  • Have beautiful colour intensity
  • They are available in a wide range of colours and different shades
The difference between Loxley Soft Pastel and Loxley Oil Pastel

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